The Umbrella Academy TV Show: 7 Things Netflix Must Get Right

The Umbrella Academy is one of the most interesting comic book series of the 21st century. Written by Gerard Way (the lead singer of My Chemical Romance) and drawn by Gabriel Bá (known most notably for his work with his twin brother, Fábio Moon), the series won the 2008 Eisner Award for Best Finite Series/Limited Series. Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman respectively wrote the introductions to the two volumes that came out – now that’s recognition.

While beloved by critics and fans alike, the comic series was not as popular as it rightfully deserved. This is hopefully about to change, as it was announced this week that a live action series based on the comic books will come to Netflix in 2018.

Taking into account successful comic book adaptations like Jessica Jones or Daredevil, Netflix seems like the perfect home for Way and Bá’s two-part family saga. While it’s possible that the failure that was Iron Fist was just an exception to the rule, it’s still necessary to remind everybody what made the comic book series so great, and what things should be preserved to retain that high level when adapting it to the screen.

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10 More Sneaky Film End Credits Messages You Probably Missed

Jungle Book LADisney

As modern movie fans blessed to be alive during the boom period for Disney and the MCU, you really ought to know by now that only a fool leaves a movie before the very, very end of the movie. And not just when the credits roll – when the cinema staff are shuffling their feet awkwardly waiting to come and collect the detritus of popcorn and vats of fizzy pop and the lights come on. That’s the only acceptable time.

It’s hard to tell now whether the culture of putting things in the credits to entertain those who stick around to read them (or weirdos to give them their correct term) came first, or the people staying did, but it’s now a firm part of the film-watching experience. Blockbusters now HAVE TO have stingers (it’s basically the law), so adding something of note along the way is only fair.

Whether that’s spurious claims about where Jon Favreau filmed The Jungle Book (LA looks remarkably like the actual, real-life jungle), or the gags that Airplane! was so famous for, there’s been a rich vein of gags and added gifts from film-makers hidden among the names of people you’re really not that interested in.

Unless they have funny names of course…

We’ve already celebrated some of the best examples of end-credits gags, but there are so many out there, that it deserves another run.

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DIY Stone Ring ? Kawaii Strawberry Ring DIY

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Food Round-up: Barbecue

Food round-up: cooking

Photo credit: Dragon Images via Shutterstock

I can?t believe that we?re in July already! It?s officially Summer Holiday time at long last and I?m hoping that that will mean plenty of hazy, lazy, crazy days with an abundance of alfresco eating and drinking. The type of dining synonymous with this time of year is of course barbecue and with the help of some of my fellow food bloggers I?ve pulled together a selection of recipes which will help transform any BBQ from drab to fab. No sad sausages and burnt burgers to be found in this month?s round up. Without further ado,  lets crack open a beer and get the charcoal lit?

One of my favourite meats to barbecue is chicken which I?ve showcased in my own recipe for Maple Double Mustard Chicken Thighs. American style yellow and wholegrain mustard provide a fantastic flavour and the maple syrup gives a wonderful sticky sweetness and caramelisation. Foodie Laura has gone one step further and used a whole chicken (and a giant sage bush!) in her spatchcocked Sage Smoked BBQ Chicken.  I bet the flavours are amazing!

Both Elizabeth?s Kitchen Diary and Celery and Cupcakes have been getting creative with barbecued lamb. Elizabeth?s Lamb Leg Steaks with Harissa and Mint will bring a fiery zing to your BBQ table whilst Jemma promises that her Lamb Leg Steaks in a Herb and Marinade will reinvent your summer BBQ and turn your usual barbecue fodder up a notch. 

Beef and Burgers don?t have to be boring ? or burnt! Eb?s Easy Peasy Homemade Burgers take just 5 minutes to prepare and taste so much nicer than the shop bought ones, plus it?s reassuring knowing exactly what?s in them. Meanwhile I?ve gone all patriotic with my three ingredient Scotch Beef, Haggis and Cheese Burgers.  Scotland in a burger! Helen from The Crazy Kitchen shares her Asian Beef Skewers which can be prepared ahead of time and only take a few minutes to cook on the barbecue, making them perfect for lazy summer days. 

Shellfish are another of my grilled favourites and if you?re of a similar persuasion then you might want to investigate Bintu?s jerk shrimp tacos with sweetcorn, mango and pineapple. Because once you do, you might just find yourself addicted, to both the shrimps and BBQ?s, in a very good way. Keeping with the shellfish theme Scallops taste even better when cooked over coals, and here Jane from The Hedgecombers takes them to a whole new level by wrapping them in bacon before cooking. 

Salmon is SO good on a BBQ and Jenny from Mummy Mishaps has made Barbecue Salmon Rainbow Kebabs which are a colourful and delicious way of serving something a little bit different. Meanwhile Kate at Gluten Free Alchemist has combined all of her favourite flavours into Swordfish with Lime, Pistachio and coriander. Light, fresh, colourful and perfect for a free from BBQ.

Fed up of the Vegetarian alternative at a BBQ being Mushrooms? Then look no further than this BBQ Apricot & Nectarine ?Steak? Salad from The Peachicks Bakery. Sweet stone fruits, flavoured with lemon thyme, black pepper. All sat on a bed of leaves and topped with salty, sharp feta. Equally creative Kate?s grilled herb potatoes are perfect for a barbecue side dish. She?s paired them with three vegan, gluten-free dipping sauces that are ideal for sharing, including ?steak? sauce, marie rose/cocktail sauce and a lime and chilli dip.

All too often desserts get forgotten about however Jacqui at Recipes Made Easy has come up with a recipe for BBQ Apple Skewers with Salted Caramel Sauce. You only have to think of toffee apples to know how well apples and caramel go together.  Alternatively how about some BBQ Waffle S?Mores? Most definitely a decadent dessert. Either would make a delicious end to a barbecue meal. 

My mouth has been watering whilst pulling together this roundup so I do hope that you?ve found some inspiration to get creative over charcoal (or gas!) this summer.

Watch out, your BBQ?s are about to become legendary!

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About Claire Jessiman

Claire Jessiman is a Scottish Freelance Foodie based in Aberdeen who has been blogging her Edible Scottish Adventures as Foodie Quine since 2012. A mum of two and wife of one, she is passionate about cooking from scratch, seasonality, food education and family-friendly recipes. She’s always keen to seek out local food specialities, markets and experiences whilst travelling in the UK and abroad and is eager to champion local Farmers, Suppliers and Producers. Addicted to social media, Claire is also partial to Cheese, Gin, Peanut Butter, Tea and Rhubarb and is permanently looking for the recipe that can successfully combine them all.

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2017 British Grand Prix track preview | 2017 British Grand Prix

The super-fast Silverstone circuit should provide one of the most thrilling settings for this year?s new breed of Formula One cars.

As the Circuit de Catalunya and Red Bull Ring showed, the 2017 machines are at their best on tracks with plenty of medium-to-high-speed corners. And the Northamptonshire tracks has plenty of those.

The demanding stretch through Copse, the Maggotts/Becketts sequence and on through Stowe should give the most dramatic impressions of what these cars are capable of.

Lewis Hamilton trimmed the track record to 1?29.243 last year. Expect the new cars to carve a few more seconds out of that, particularly as Pirelli has brought its super-soft tyres this weekend.

It?s now 30 years since Silverstone became the exclusive host of the British Grand Prix. During this time the track has seen periodic changes including the construction of an entirely new start/finish complex and pit building in 2011.

But for the most part it has retained its high-speed character. The drivers will be relishing the opportunity to see what this year?s cars can do at Silverstone.

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A lap of Silverstone

When the world championship began Silverstone?s start/finish line was on a straight approaching Woodcote (now turn eight). It was later moved to the approach to Copse (turn nine) and since 2011 has been at the exit of Club (turn 18).

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2016Silverstone has some of F1?s quickest corners?You start off on the new main pit straight before taking the first turn flat-out,? explains Romain Grosjean. ?Then you come into two hairpins. The first one is more open than the second one, and the second you really want to go for as early as you can.?

A good run through Village and The Loop can open up overtaking opportunities heading into Brooklands (turn six). ?Then you go through the old last couple of corners ? very tricky braking here ? before going along the old pit straight. It?s very tricky here on power, as well.?

From here the drivers enjoy one of the quickest series of corners on the entire calendar. Come qualifying, they will tackle the next six corners with at most the merest hint of a lift.

?It?s a great sensation in the car here,? says Grosjean. ?You stay flat-out as much as you can into Maggotts and Becketts, and then downshifting every corner a gear, and then you?re onto the Hangar Straight to Stowe corner.?

Staying close enough through these quick corners to make a passing move on the straight won?t be easy, especially as the next corner also has a high entry speed.

Marcus Ericsson, Sauber, Silverstone, 2016Stowe exit can catch drivers out?This is another tricky one where you enter very quickly,? says Grosjean. ?You want to go on the power as quick as you can, but the corner is closing down more than you think.? Several drivers have been caught out at the exit in recent years, particularly during Silverstone?s not-infrequent showers.

?Then you go to the last chicane ? heavy braking and it?s very bumpy. Then you?ve got your final throttle application with a lot of g-force on the right-hand side and you cross the finish line.?

As at the exit of Copse, the run-off on the outside of Club is rather generous and it?s not unusual to see drivers having lap times deleted for getting too greedy with the exit kerb.

2017 British Grand Prix

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Hug a Book Pug Bookmark DIY

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Netflix’s Castlevania Reactions: 5 Things You Need To Know

Most video game adaptions tend to end disastrously for all involved. Just last year, the Assassin’s Creed movie joined the likes of Uwe Boll’s House Of The Dead, and the Super Mario Bros. movie adaptions in the large pile of critical bombs that result from turning a video game into a movie.

Be it not understanding why the gaming franchise was successful, or simply not caring and trying to make a quick buck, there always seems to be an issue whenever an attempt at a video game adaptation occurs.

After almost ten years of development, including the possibility of a movie version that never took off, the new Castlevania series was released on Netflix last week. Shedding the live-action style that most video games inherit when they make the transfer to the silver screen, Netflix have gone down a completely different route.

The series is set in the style of an anime, spiky hair and all. However, it makes its R-rating clear, with frequent gory action scenes, and a smattering of swearing. If nothing else, it’s a refreshing take on a video game, and one that has garnered critical success.

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Tekken 7: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Tekken 7 Namco

As the war wages on for between Injustice 2 and Tekken 7 for the Best Fighting Game of 2017, it’s worth taking a look at their respective rosters.

Whilst Injustice boasts a healthy 28 characters (minus DLC), all tweaked, balanced and perfected through environmental interactions, loot grinds and unlockable movesets, Tekken sees Namco build on a gameplay foundation that’s over 20 years old.

In one of the biggest changeups the franchise has ever seen, we not only got a story mode cribbed from Mortal Kombat 9, but also the advent of ‚Rage Arts‘ – Street Fighter-esque screen-filling specials, designed to help you level the playing field when on low health. Also added are ‚Power Crushes‘; the ability for certain moves to play out regardless of incoming damage, letting you steamroll right through an opponent’s attack for the win.

Couple all this with a new slow-motion camera that zooms in when the final hit of a bout goes down to the wire, and you have a fantastic balance between technicality, showmanship, and the balls-out characterful bluster we’ve grown accustomed to.

By all accounts, Tekken 7 is one of the best instalments in the franchise, but how does its roster fare?

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Tekken 7


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Little Mix ?Salute? England Women?s football #ad

Little Mix on BritMumsIn a video featuring their hit-single Salute, pop superstars Little Mix call for women, girls and football fans across the nation to unite and show their support for England?s Lionesses by submitting a salute on social media using #Lionesses.

The singers and football fans Perrie, Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne are looking for recruits to drive support for the England Women?s team ahead of this summer?s UEFA Women?s Euro in the Netherlands.

Check out their video and add to the roar for England?s Lionesses by sharing it on social media #Lionesses! (Cut and paste this link:

Launched by the band on Instagram, Salute was chosen for its empowering and inspirational message and reflects The FA?s ongoing objective to grow women and girls? football domestically. Alongside Little Mix, the video features a number of football cameos including Lionesses captain Steph Houghton, world number two freestyle footballer Liv Cooke and amateur female footballers.

The Lionesses hope to build on their third-place finish in the 2015 FIFA Women?s World Cup and, after a string of victories in 2017 including over the world number one ranked USA, the team is targeting victory in the Netherlands with the help of Little Mix to help engage fans around the country.

The 23-strong England Women?s team fly to the Netherlands on Thursday 13th July, facing Scotland in their first group game on Wednesday 19th July followed by Spain and Portugal.

The Lionesses are calling on fans around the country to show their support for the team by capturing an image or video of their salute and sharing it alongside a message of support on social media using #Lionesses. For more information, visit and follow @Lionesses on Twitter and @Lionesses on Instagram.

On working with the Lionesses, Little Mix said: ?When we wrote Salute we wanted to convey a message of all women being united, something we know all fans are when supporting England. Being England fans ourselves, we jumped at the chance for Salute to help unify support for the Lionesses. The World Cup a few years ago was massive for the Lionesses and they have smashed it since so hopefully the support will help them go all the way this summer.?

England Women?s captain, Steph Houghton added: ?The support of our fans is vital to everything that we do ? we always play for our country and our fans. Since the World Cup in 2015, we?ve all experienced an increase in the interest in women?s football which has led to more and more fans supporting the team. It?s amazing that we are now able to work with the world?s biggest girl band, Little Mix, to help grow our fan base even more at such a key time and hopefully this will help us bring home the trophy in August.?

Tweet, Instagram or Facebook now, sharing the video and tagging in #Lionesses to support women and girls in football!

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About Jennifer Howze

Jennifer Howze is the Creative Director and co-founder of BritMums. She blogs about family travel at, tweets at @JHowze and Instagrams at @JHowze. Previously, she wrote the Alpha Mummy blog at The Times and as a journalist has contributed to The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Wall Street Journal, Travel & Leisure, Budget Travel,, Allure, SELF and Premiere, among others. She won The Maggie Award from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America for a health article in Seventeen magazine.

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Gardening Round-up: Is your garden summer ready?

Gardening Round-up image

Photo credit: Pinkyone, Shutterstock

We have had a fair bit of warm weather over the past month, I can tell because the garden has gone crazy!

The grass is needing mowing much more frequently, and the weeds grow before my very eyes, our tomato and chilli plants are growing nicely, although the beans and peas are struggling with the slugs and snails. In this weather I struggle to know exactly how much water to give the garden and the plants, not wanting to drown them, but also not leaving them too thirsty, so if you are like me, then check out Growing Family?s post on effective summer garden watering.

With the summer holidays nearly upon us, you may think that you won?t have enough time to keep up with the garden, so check out these 7 quick gardening jobs, that will take less than 10 minutes, so we can all find that amount of time to keep the garden looking it?s best, even better, involve the children, check out Inspire, Create Educate?s post on Easy gardening activities for children.

If you are looking for inspiration for your garden, then check out Renovation Bay-Bee for a garden transformation, you may find further ideas, from the blog hop, or Frugal Family?s garden makeover ideas

If, like me , you have a problem with garden pests and things that destroy your plants (other than chickens, which are not great for keeping flowers healthy!!) then this post on tips for controlling plant disease may help you out.

As we head into July, you might want to check out this post from Growing Family, that tells you all of the things you should have completed in June, so if there is anything on the list, that you haven?t done, now?s the time to do it. If you only have a small garden, do not worry as Emma Reed tells you how to make the most of your small garden.

Before the school holidays begin, we are looking to purchase some new garden furniture as we have had ours so long, its falling apart, so this post on Garden Furniture from A Few Favourite things may come in handy.

Last month a mummy robin had decided to nest in Asa?s shed, so it was off limits for a couple of weeks, I am happy to report the new baby robins have now left the nest meaning we can use the tools that are stored in the shed once again! This week, as we were cutting back the very overgrown bushes, we noticed that a pigeon had nested on the very end, right next to the patio steps, so every time we go up the steps we are stared at by some very fluffy (but very large) baby pigeons, if you have birds nesting in your garden, then, like me, you will probably feel compelled to provide them with food, if so, then check out Me and B Makes Tea post on Bird Feeding.

If you have a gardening post, you would like including in next month?s round-up, tweet me at @hexmumplus1 or email [email protected]

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About Mandi Morrison

Mandi is mum to seven children , three girls and four boys, aged 3 to 18, she is a joint partner in a Leisure & Tourism Consultancy and PR company with her husband Asa, they live just on the edge of the Norfolk Broads with lots of chickens! You can read about all their adventures over at Big Family Little Adventures, specialising in travel and days out for the larger family and Hex Mum Plus 1 a parenting blog detailing day to day life with seven children, fun and chaos guaranteed!

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