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Food round-up: cooking

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I can?t believe that we?re in July already! It?s officially Summer Holiday time at long last and I?m hoping that that will mean plenty of hazy, lazy, crazy days with an abundance of alfresco eating and drinking. The type of dining synonymous with this time of year is of course barbecue and with the help of some of my fellow food bloggers I?ve pulled together a selection of recipes which will help transform any BBQ from drab to fab. No sad sausages and burnt burgers to be found in this month?s round up. Without further ado,  lets crack open a beer and get the charcoal lit?

One of my favourite meats to barbecue is chicken which I?ve showcased in my own recipe for Maple Double Mustard Chicken Thighs. American style yellow and wholegrain mustard provide a fantastic flavour and the maple syrup gives a wonderful sticky sweetness and caramelisation. Foodie Laura has gone one step further and used a whole chicken (and a giant sage bush!) in her spatchcocked Sage Smoked BBQ Chicken.  I bet the flavours are amazing!

Both Elizabeth?s Kitchen Diary and Celery and Cupcakes have been getting creative with barbecued lamb. Elizabeth?s Lamb Leg Steaks with Harissa and Mint will bring a fiery zing to your BBQ table whilst Jemma promises that her Lamb Leg Steaks in a Herb and Marinade will reinvent your summer BBQ and turn your usual barbecue fodder up a notch. 

Beef and Burgers don?t have to be boring ? or burnt! Eb?s Easy Peasy Homemade Burgers take just 5 minutes to prepare and taste so much nicer than the shop bought ones, plus it?s reassuring knowing exactly what?s in them. Meanwhile I?ve gone all patriotic with my three ingredient Scotch Beef, Haggis and Cheese Burgers.  Scotland in a burger! Helen from The Crazy Kitchen shares her Asian Beef Skewers which can be prepared ahead of time and only take a few minutes to cook on the barbecue, making them perfect for lazy summer days. 

Shellfish are another of my grilled favourites and if you?re of a similar persuasion then you might want to investigate Bintu?s jerk shrimp tacos with sweetcorn, mango and pineapple. Because once you do, you might just find yourself addicted, to both the shrimps and BBQ?s, in a very good way. Keeping with the shellfish theme Scallops taste even better when cooked over coals, and here Jane from The Hedgecombers takes them to a whole new level by wrapping them in bacon before cooking. 

Salmon is SO good on a BBQ and Jenny from Mummy Mishaps has made Barbecue Salmon Rainbow Kebabs which are a colourful and delicious way of serving something a little bit different. Meanwhile Kate at Gluten Free Alchemist has combined all of her favourite flavours into Swordfish with Lime, Pistachio and coriander. Light, fresh, colourful and perfect for a free from BBQ.

Fed up of the Vegetarian alternative at a BBQ being Mushrooms? Then look no further than this BBQ Apricot & Nectarine ?Steak? Salad from The Peachicks Bakery. Sweet stone fruits, flavoured with lemon thyme, black pepper. All sat on a bed of leaves and topped with salty, sharp feta. Equally creative Kate?s grilled herb potatoes are perfect for a barbecue side dish. She?s paired them with three vegan, gluten-free dipping sauces that are ideal for sharing, including ?steak? sauce, marie rose/cocktail sauce and a lime and chilli dip.

All too often desserts get forgotten about however Jacqui at Recipes Made Easy has come up with a recipe for BBQ Apple Skewers with Salted Caramel Sauce. You only have to think of toffee apples to know how well apples and caramel go together.  Alternatively how about some BBQ Waffle S?Mores? Most definitely a decadent dessert. Either would make a delicious end to a barbecue meal. 

My mouth has been watering whilst pulling together this roundup so I do hope that you?ve found some inspiration to get creative over charcoal (or gas!) this summer.

Watch out, your BBQ?s are about to become legendary!

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