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I remember the days when all we had to deal with were a few soft toys, a rattle and a play mat. I didn?t understand how other parents could allow their houses to be overtaken by their children. 

Then my baby became a toddler

Somewhere around the first birthday mark, our house became a toy shop. The clothes seemed to multiply and our kitchen cupboards had enough cups and bowls to supply a nursery. 

Children accumulate a lot of stuff! 

I thought seeing as it is January and many of us will be pulling our hair out after the influx of stuff at Christmas, that I would focus on organisation with toddlers. As always, the blogging community came up trumps! 

Organise their toys

Toys are the main culprit in our house and it seems most other people feel the same. Here are some great ways to get them organised. 

Ready Freddie Go shares a brilliant storage solution which doubles as steps up to a bunk bed! Genius use of space! 

Wafflemama talks us through some of the different storage solutions available right now. I love all of the quirky styles! 

A Mum Reviews shows us some of the different ways she stores Lego, Duplo and puzzles. I need to sort out ours in the same way! 

Organise their clothes

I don?t know about you, but I love buying clothes for my children. The problem is, our house doesn?t have massive wardrobes to cater for my clothes obsession! 

Nicola Says talks about creating a minimalist closet for children and I just love it! I am in the process of doing my own so the kids are definitely next! 

Meal Planning

It is so easy to get into the habit of cooking several meals for all of the different members of the family. With careful planning though, you can all enjoy the one meal and some quality time together. 

The Ladybirds? Adventures shares an insight into how she feeds her family. Take a look at the homemade pizzas she makes ? such a cute idea! 

The Organised Life Project has a brilliant list of meal ideas to make your meal planning easier! I need to go through and see which ones my family would eat! 

So there are just a few ways to organise your life with little people. If you have any tips then do share them below.

I will be back next month talking spring fashion for tots ? time to put away the woolly jumpers and embrace the lighter colours! 

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