Strategy Group to discuss separating car and driver weights | 2018 F1 season

The Formula One Strategy Group will discuss plans to remove driver weight from the minimum weight limit for cars in a meeting tomorrow morning at FOM?s offices in London.

The minimum weight limit has been increased to 733kg for the 2018 F1 season. However the increased weight of impact structures needed to accommodate Halo this year means some teams, particularly those with taller drivers, are struggling to reach the new minimum.

Paul di Resta, Force India, Young Drivers' Test, Silverstone, 2013Why F1 cars keep getting heavierDriver weights have been included as part of the minimum weight limit for F1 cars since 1995, when the rules were revised to increase the minimum weight limit from 515kg excluding the driver to 595kg including the driver.

The approval of 10 of the 18 Strategy Group members is required in order for the rules to be changed in time for this season. The proposal would then need the unanimous approval of the F1 Commission, unless it is considered a matter of driver Safety. The F1 Commission will meet tomorrow afternoon.

Other points up for discussion at the Strategy Group meeting include the positioning of the drivers? names and numbers on their cars. These were enlarged last year ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Further discussion of the post-2020 power unit regulations will also take place as well as plans to simplify aerodynamic components and the potential creation of a working group focused on aerodynamics.

The Strategy Group will also discuss restrictions on FIA and FOM staff moving to teams. This will include the possibility of specifying a fixed period of gardening leave, following complaints from teams last year over Renault?s hiring of former FIA employee Marcin Budkowski.

F1 Fanatic understands a possible further discussion point may include how the race weekend schedule can be made more flexible in order to accommodate promotional activities and support races.

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