Strategy Group to discuss separating car and driver weights | 2018 F1 season

The Formula One Strategy Group will discuss plans to remove driver weight from the minimum weight limit for cars in a meeting tomorrow morning at FOM?s offices in London.

The minimum weight limit has been increased to 733kg for the 2018 F1 season. However the increased weight of impact structures needed to accommodate Halo this year means some teams, particularly those with taller drivers, are struggling to reach the new minimum.

Paul di Resta, Force India, Young Drivers' Test, Silverstone, 2013Why F1 cars keep getting heavierDriver weights have been included as part of the minimum weight limit for F1 cars since 1995, when the rules were revised to increase the minimum weight limit from 515kg excluding the driver to 595kg including the driver.

The approval of 10 of the 18 Strategy Group members is required in order for the rules to be changed in time for this season. The proposal would then need the unanimous approval of the F1 Commission, unless it is considered a matter of driver Safety. The F1 Commission will meet tomorrow afternoon.

Other points up for discussion at the Strategy Group meeting include the positioning of the drivers? names and numbers on their cars. These were enlarged last year ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Further discussion of the post-2020 power unit regulations will also take place as well as plans to simplify aerodynamic components and the potential creation of a working group focused on aerodynamics.

The Strategy Group will also discuss restrictions on FIA and FOM staff moving to teams. This will include the possibility of specifying a fixed period of gardening leave, following complaints from teams last year over Renault?s hiring of former FIA employee Marcin Budkowski.

F1 Fanatic understands a possible further discussion point may include how the race weekend schedule can be made more flexible in order to accommodate promotional activities and support races.

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People are L?estrange ? L?ESTRANGE LONDON

Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced that infuriating moment when you stand in front of a bulging wardrobe full of clothes and exclaimed, but I have nothing to wear, or words to that effect.

Well please let me do you the pleasure of introducing you to the digitally native menswear brand L?Estrange London whose aim is to simplify the male wardrobe so that you can achieve more with less.

Working to the ethos of, ?We make clothes to look effortlessly smart for life. Whether it be a coffee, a meeting or drinks ? never overdressed, never underdressed.?

Founders Tom Horne and Will Green, met at Edinburgh University and together founded L?Estrange. The concept behind it is to bridge casual and formal wear, starting by redefining the hoodie; smartening its image and creating a piece of clothing suitable for any occasion. L?Estrange have incorporated a solution-focussed design mindset, continuously re- evaluating to consider how they can better answer modern problems. They focus on creating clothing that adds value, not clutter, innovating to meet the needs of their customers instead of adhering to traditional seasonal drops. The brand offers a modern clothing system comprising of comfortable, season-less, versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple scenarios, stripping away the complexity traditionally seen in the retail industry.So in a world of hyper-convenience and overconsumption, L?Estrange endeavours to strip away the over complexity from you everyday allowing you to do more with less. Their modern clothing system comprises of comfortable, season-less, versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple scenarios.

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Mums & Tots Round-up: Getting organised with your toddlers

Mums & Tots Round-up image

Photo credit:, Shutterstock

I remember the days when all we had to deal with were a few soft toys, a rattle and a play mat. I didn?t understand how other parents could allow their houses to be overtaken by their children. 

Then my baby became a toddler

Somewhere around the first birthday mark, our house became a toy shop. The clothes seemed to multiply and our kitchen cupboards had enough cups and bowls to supply a nursery. 

Children accumulate a lot of stuff! 

I thought seeing as it is January and many of us will be pulling our hair out after the influx of stuff at Christmas, that I would focus on organisation with toddlers. As always, the blogging community came up trumps! 

Organise their toys

Toys are the main culprit in our house and it seems most other people feel the same. Here are some great ways to get them organised. 

Ready Freddie Go shares a brilliant storage solution which doubles as steps up to a bunk bed! Genius use of space! 

Wafflemama talks us through some of the different storage solutions available right now. I love all of the quirky styles! 

A Mum Reviews shows us some of the different ways she stores Lego, Duplo and puzzles. I need to sort out ours in the same way! 

Organise their clothes

I don?t know about you, but I love buying clothes for my children. The problem is, our house doesn?t have massive wardrobes to cater for my clothes obsession! 

Nicola Says talks about creating a minimalist closet for children and I just love it! I am in the process of doing my own so the kids are definitely next! 

Meal Planning

It is so easy to get into the habit of cooking several meals for all of the different members of the family. With careful planning though, you can all enjoy the one meal and some quality time together. 

The Ladybirds? Adventures shares an insight into how she feeds her family. Take a look at the homemade pizzas she makes ? such a cute idea! 

The Organised Life Project has a brilliant list of meal ideas to make your meal planning easier! I need to go through and see which ones my family would eat! 

So there are just a few ways to organise your life with little people. If you have any tips then do share them below.

I will be back next month talking spring fashion for tots ? time to put away the woolly jumpers and embrace the lighter colours! 

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About Katy WhatKatySaid

Katy is a busy mum of 3 and blogs over at What Katy Said, sharing tips to help other mums get more organised and make more time for themselves. Starting out as a way to help others, her award nominated blog has now become her full time career and she is regularly listed as one of the top 10 baby bloggers in the UK. Connect with her over on Twitter @WhatKatySaidUK.

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Heart Wand Kids? Valentines

Today we cast a love spell for Valentine?s Day with some gorgeous and easy heart wand kids? Valentines craft idea. We love these as School Valentines Card ideas. This is a great Kids? Valentines Craft or Valentine?s Idea for Preschooler by Arielle from Art Campla as part of the ongoing 31 Days of Love series!! Yes we are on day 16 and have another great Valentine?s Day Idea for you to make!!


Heart Wand Kids' Valentines - cast a love spell this Valentine's Day with these cute Heart Wand Valentines!! Instead of giving a card to your class mates, give them one of these darling and easy heart wand valentines! #Valentines #valentinesday #heartwands #wands #lovespell #schoolvalentinescards

Cast a love spell this Valentine?s Day with this cute and easy DIY!

Heart Wand Kids' Valentines - cast a love spell this Valentine's Day with these cute Heart Wand Valentines!! Instead of giving a card to your class mates, give them one of these darling and easy heart wand valentines! #Valentines #valentinesday #heartwands #wands #lovespell #schoolvalentinescards


Heart Wand Kids? Valentines ? What you will need:

  • heart template
  • craft foam sheets (we used white)
  • white cake pop sticks
  • acrylic craft paint
  • paint palette for mixing
  • tissue paper in assorted colors
  • paint brush
  • hot glue gun
  • cardstock
  • hole punch
  • skinny craft wire

How to make Heart Wands for Valentine?s Day

Step 1:

Print your heart template on white card stock.  Then cut out your heart shape.

Heart Wand Kids' Valentines - cast a love spell this Valentine's Day with these cute Heart Wand Valentines!! Instead of giving a card to your class mates, give them one of these darling and easy heart wand valentines! #Valentines #valentinesday #heartwands #wands #lovespell #schoolvalentinescards

Step 2:

Place your heart template over your craft foam and cut around the edge of your template. We were able to cut 4 hearts out of  a single craft sheet. You will want to cut 2 hearts per wand (front and back).

Step 3:

Once you have cut out all of your foam hearts, it is time to paint?or draw! The nice thing about craft foam is that you can decorate it with almost anything.

Step 4:

After your painted hearts have fully dried, it?s time to assemble.

Match up the front and back heart shapes and attach them with hot glue, leaving a small space at the point of the heart open. Add a dab of glue to the inside of the ?pocket?, slide your pop stick in, add glue to the top, and close. Glue shut any openings.

Heart Wand Kids' Valentines - cast a love spell this Valentine's Day with these cute Heart Wand Valentines!! Instead of giving a card to your class mates, give them one of these darling and easy heart wand valentines! #Valentines #valentinesday #heartwands #wands #lovespell #schoolvalentinescards

Step 5:

Now for a little festive flair! Cut some tissue paper into small rectangles (3?x4? is good). Begin to fold the long edge in, creating a cuff. Repeat this fold about 3 times. Your rectangle should now look like a strip. Begin cutting fringe. You will attach one end of the fringe cuff to your pop stick with a dab of hot glue and then wrap around and around, adding a tiny dab of glue as you go, until you have reached the end. Think about another fringe cuff in a different color!Heart Wand Kids' Valentines - cast a love spell this Valentine's Day with these cute Heart Wand Valentines!! Instead of giving a card to your class mates, give them one of these darling and easy heart wand valentines! #Valentines #valentinesday #heartwands #wands #lovespell #schoolvalentinescards

Heart Wand Kids' Valentines - cast a love spell this Valentine's Day with these cute Heart Wand Valentines!! Instead of giving a card to your class mates, give them one of these darling and easy heart wand valentines! #Valentines #valentinesday #heartwands #wands #lovespell #schoolvalentinescards

Step 7:

Time to personalize your Valentine?s Day wands! We decided to create a simple little name graphic on the computer, but you could also make these tags by hand. Write out the name, punch a hole, thread a small piece of twine or wire through the tag, and secure it to the top of the wand!

You could go all out and add ribbon or stick-on rhinestones for some bling. The sky is the limit!

More gorgeous ideas by Art Campla:

3-D Love Bugs

 Mermaid Dolls

Floating Chalk Paintings

???????????- More about the lovely Arielle at Art Campla???????????

Arielle Goddard is an artist, designer, and educator who has been teaching and developing art programs in Los Angeles for 20 years. Arielle founded ART CAMP in 2015 with the belief that art is for everyone and that creativity is a pathway to connection. When she isn?t leading ART CAMP Pop-Ups, Parties, and Workshops out of  her vintage camper, Arielle is sharing fresh, elevated, Art + Craft + DIY projects online at Art Campla, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.

Her most recent venture is the ART CAMP BOX ? a packaged ART CAMP experience for two.


More great Valentine?s Day Card Ideas here:

More wonderful Kids? Valentine?s Day DIYs here:

Heart Wand Kids' Valentines - cast a love spell this Valentine's Day with these cute Heart Wand Valentines!! Instead of giving a card to your class mates, give them one of these darling and easy heart wand valentines! #Valentines #valentinesday #heartwands #wands #lovespell #schoolvalentinescards

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Kubica says he?s still targeting a return to F1 racing | 2018 F1 season

Robert Kubica says he is ?extremely happy? to have earned a place as reserve and development driver at Williams for 2018.

However the 33-year-old, who was seriously injured in a rally crash in 2011, says he is now in great shape and his goal remains to make a full return to F1 racing.

?I feel in the best physical shape that I have ever been,? said Kubica, ?but it has taken a lot of work to get to where I am now, so I?d like to thank Williams for the opportunities they have given me so far, and for putting their faith in me with this appointment.?

?I have enjoyed being back in the Formula One paddock over these past few months, and I now look forward to working with the Williams technical team, both at the factory and at the track, to really help push forward the development of the FW41 and to make a real difference to their 2018 campaign.?

?Having driven both the FW36 and the FW40, I?m looking forward to seeing how the FW41 measures up on track and working with the team to ensure we can maximise the performance of the car. My ultimate goal remains to race again in Formula One and this is another important step in that direction. I cannot wait to get started.?

Williams said as part of his duties Kubica will ?be available to stand in as the race driver if required?. His last F1 race start was in the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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Panorama News Blog – News

Nowhere Prophet is a post-apocalyptic trip with a soul


A large dog-like creature had been sniffing around our camp while we slept. The road hadn?t been kind to us and our food supplies were running low. Truth be told, my own altruistic streak was responsible for most of our problems; we?d picked up stragglers and waifs wherever we found them, and had far too many mouths to feed.

But this dog-thing was not joining us, it was trying to steal from us. One of my medics reckoned he knew how to deal with it, no confrontation necessary. To my surprise, he got a group together and simply dragged its bulk away from the camp, and then tipped it into a ravine.

As far as I can tell, it remained passive right up until the moment it hit the floor. Nowhere Prophet is a beautiful game set in a strange and ugly world.

It?s not our world, though much of it is recognisable. Your convoy is made up of people who look human, and their job titles might be familiar. Over there is a scout, that lady is a warrior monk and here are a couple of raiders and hermits. Oh, and that guy with the mask and the gold hanging from his ears? He?s a Shifty Opportunist.

Not a conventional job title, Shifty Opportunist, I?ll grant you that but it takes all sorts in this world gone bad. He?s a useful chap to have around. In combat, he?ll benefit from the misfortune of his allies, boosting his own stats every time one of his companions falls. I assume he?s scavenging armour and weapons from them as they bleed out and, yeah, maybe that?s not very noble, but it makes him pretty formidable when our backs are against the wall.

Forget the opportunist for now though. Ignore his shifty ways. Nowhere Prophet is not, on the whole, a game about taking advantage of others. It?s a game about protecting your people as you try to lead them to safety.


In that sense, it reminds me of The Banner Saga, although it has card battles instead of isometric tactical encounters. But the distinction isn?t that simple because Nowhere Prophet?s cards are people. Or at least some of them are.

Every person in your convoy has a card associated with them. They?re not just a name, an icon on the screen and a mouth to feed, they?re also the forces you draw from your deck and play from your hand during combat. That Shifty Opportunist? He joined us after a random encounter in which I saved his skin.

There are other cards as well, attached to your own player character, the leader of the convoy. Broadly speaking, these are divided into equipment and orders. You might be able to snipe at an enemy card, doing a set amount of damage that either takes it out of the fight for good, or wounds it allowing your own squad to take it out. And all of this is happening on an actual map of sorts.


In truth, those maps are just a couple of columns where you can place cards, but there are obstacles scattered around that your units can use for cover, and it?s a much more vivid depiction of small-scale skirmishing than I expect from a card game. The interface is clean and efficient, and there?s a tactile pleasure in unleashing attacks and dropping cards into combat.

One of the strengths of Nowhere Prophet, informing the combat as well as the rest, is the writing. There?s so much flavour it could be your new favourite cuisine.

What could have been a standard post-disaster blend of Mad Max, Fallout and more Mad Max turns out to be a weird blend of spiritual crises and technology infused with a madness that might be divine or might be infernal. It?s strange and the strangeness is attractive, informing the gorgeous art as well as the words.


The overworld reminds me of FTL. It?s a randomised path of nodes, each representing an encounter and sometimes with clues as to what that encounter might involve. Paths branch and criss-cross, and the further you move from the central route, the more likely you are to stumble across rewarding but difficult encounters. Many of these are mini text adventures with just two or three choices that can lead to rewards, punishments or combat scenarios. Others are settlements with markets, or meetings with teachers, trainers and sages.

As you travel, you need to manage a few resources. Batteries are your currency, food is the fuel that keeps your people moving, and then there are traits such as altruism, measured in numbers.

I think a lot about my altruism rating.


Remember when I said that Nowhere Prophet isn?t a game about taking advantage of others? There?s a possibility I?ve been playing it all wrong.

It?s certainly reasonable to play as a benevolent leader, avoiding conflict where possible but throwing down the gauntlet whenever you encounter raiders or beasts taking advantage of those weaker than themselves. That?s how I play and it feels right. But it isn?t. Not really, because all of my people die before I can get them to safety. I fail them by trying to help everybody else.

Perhaps I need to start thinking more like the Shifty Opportunist, increasing the long-term chances of survival by capitalising on the failures of others. That?s a possibility too.


It?s still in early access, sold through and coming to Steam later this year, but even though I?ve played for many hours, I?ve only scratched the surface. There are more than a hundred cards still to discover and I?ve not even started to dig through some of the more wicked options.

I was sure Slay The Spire would be my favourite card game of 2018 but Nowhere Prophet is a definite contender. The great thing is, they?re both taking some of the repetition and randomisation of roguelikes, and combining that with deck-building and roleplaying in completely different ways. There?s not just room for both; they both feel essential already.

You can find out more on the official site, or buy into early access through

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The Umbrella Academy TV Show: 7 Things Netflix Must Get Right

The Umbrella Academy is one of the most interesting comic book series of the 21st century. Written by Gerard Way (the lead singer of My Chemical Romance) and drawn by Gabriel Bá (known most notably for his work with his twin brother, Fábio Moon), the series won the 2008 Eisner Award for Best Finite Series/Limited Series. Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman respectively wrote the introductions to the two volumes that came out – now that’s recognition.

While beloved by critics and fans alike, the comic series was not as popular as it rightfully deserved. This is hopefully about to change, as it was announced this week that a live action series based on the comic books will come to Netflix in 2018.

Taking into account successful comic book adaptations like Jessica Jones or Daredevil, Netflix seems like the perfect home for Way and Bá’s two-part family saga. While it’s possible that the failure that was Iron Fist was just an exception to the rule, it’s still necessary to remind everybody what made the comic book series so great, and what things should be preserved to retain that high level when adapting it to the screen.

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10 More Sneaky Film End Credits Messages You Probably Missed

Jungle Book LADisney

As modern movie fans blessed to be alive during the boom period for Disney and the MCU, you really ought to know by now that only a fool leaves a movie before the very, very end of the movie. And not just when the credits roll – when the cinema staff are shuffling their feet awkwardly waiting to come and collect the detritus of popcorn and vats of fizzy pop and the lights come on. That’s the only acceptable time.

It’s hard to tell now whether the culture of putting things in the credits to entertain those who stick around to read them (or weirdos to give them their correct term) came first, or the people staying did, but it’s now a firm part of the film-watching experience. Blockbusters now HAVE TO have stingers (it’s basically the law), so adding something of note along the way is only fair.

Whether that’s spurious claims about where Jon Favreau filmed The Jungle Book (LA looks remarkably like the actual, real-life jungle), or the gags that Airplane! was so famous for, there’s been a rich vein of gags and added gifts from film-makers hidden among the names of people you’re really not that interested in.

Unless they have funny names of course…

We’ve already celebrated some of the best examples of end-credits gags, but there are so many out there, that it deserves another run.

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DIY Stone Ring ? Kawaii Strawberry Ring DIY

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Food Round-up: Barbecue

Food round-up: cooking

Photo credit: Dragon Images via Shutterstock

I can?t believe that we?re in July already! It?s officially Summer Holiday time at long last and I?m hoping that that will mean plenty of hazy, lazy, crazy days with an abundance of alfresco eating and drinking. The type of dining synonymous with this time of year is of course barbecue and with the help of some of my fellow food bloggers I?ve pulled together a selection of recipes which will help transform any BBQ from drab to fab. No sad sausages and burnt burgers to be found in this month?s round up. Without further ado,  lets crack open a beer and get the charcoal lit?

One of my favourite meats to barbecue is chicken which I?ve showcased in my own recipe for Maple Double Mustard Chicken Thighs. American style yellow and wholegrain mustard provide a fantastic flavour and the maple syrup gives a wonderful sticky sweetness and caramelisation. Foodie Laura has gone one step further and used a whole chicken (and a giant sage bush!) in her spatchcocked Sage Smoked BBQ Chicken.  I bet the flavours are amazing!

Both Elizabeth?s Kitchen Diary and Celery and Cupcakes have been getting creative with barbecued lamb. Elizabeth?s Lamb Leg Steaks with Harissa and Mint will bring a fiery zing to your BBQ table whilst Jemma promises that her Lamb Leg Steaks in a Herb and Marinade will reinvent your summer BBQ and turn your usual barbecue fodder up a notch. 

Beef and Burgers don?t have to be boring ? or burnt! Eb?s Easy Peasy Homemade Burgers take just 5 minutes to prepare and taste so much nicer than the shop bought ones, plus it?s reassuring knowing exactly what?s in them. Meanwhile I?ve gone all patriotic with my three ingredient Scotch Beef, Haggis and Cheese Burgers.  Scotland in a burger! Helen from The Crazy Kitchen shares her Asian Beef Skewers which can be prepared ahead of time and only take a few minutes to cook on the barbecue, making them perfect for lazy summer days. 

Shellfish are another of my grilled favourites and if you?re of a similar persuasion then you might want to investigate Bintu?s jerk shrimp tacos with sweetcorn, mango and pineapple. Because once you do, you might just find yourself addicted, to both the shrimps and BBQ?s, in a very good way. Keeping with the shellfish theme Scallops taste even better when cooked over coals, and here Jane from The Hedgecombers takes them to a whole new level by wrapping them in bacon before cooking. 

Salmon is SO good on a BBQ and Jenny from Mummy Mishaps has made Barbecue Salmon Rainbow Kebabs which are a colourful and delicious way of serving something a little bit different. Meanwhile Kate at Gluten Free Alchemist has combined all of her favourite flavours into Swordfish with Lime, Pistachio and coriander. Light, fresh, colourful and perfect for a free from BBQ.

Fed up of the Vegetarian alternative at a BBQ being Mushrooms? Then look no further than this BBQ Apricot & Nectarine ?Steak? Salad from The Peachicks Bakery. Sweet stone fruits, flavoured with lemon thyme, black pepper. All sat on a bed of leaves and topped with salty, sharp feta. Equally creative Kate?s grilled herb potatoes are perfect for a barbecue side dish. She?s paired them with three vegan, gluten-free dipping sauces that are ideal for sharing, including ?steak? sauce, marie rose/cocktail sauce and a lime and chilli dip.

All too often desserts get forgotten about however Jacqui at Recipes Made Easy has come up with a recipe for BBQ Apple Skewers with Salted Caramel Sauce. You only have to think of toffee apples to know how well apples and caramel go together.  Alternatively how about some BBQ Waffle S?Mores? Most definitely a decadent dessert. Either would make a delicious end to a barbecue meal. 

My mouth has been watering whilst pulling together this roundup so I do hope that you?ve found some inspiration to get creative over charcoal (or gas!) this summer.

Watch out, your BBQ?s are about to become legendary!

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About Claire Jessiman

Claire Jessiman is a Scottish Freelance Foodie based in Aberdeen who has been blogging her Edible Scottish Adventures as Foodie Quine since 2012. A mum of two and wife of one, she is passionate about cooking from scratch, seasonality, food education and family-friendly recipes. She’s always keen to seek out local food specialities, markets and experiences whilst travelling in the UK and abroad and is eager to champion local Farmers, Suppliers and Producers. Addicted to social media, Claire is also partial to Cheese, Gin, Peanut Butter, Tea and Rhubarb and is permanently looking for the recipe that can successfully combine them all.

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