The Best Bags about right now by Peter Jones

It?s slowly getting to that point where the mornings are getting darker, the commute is getting longer, and your old bag is becoming less and less stylish. Of course a bag?s soulful purpose is to carry Your possessions, from trash to treasure. However, we all want to look great in the process.  We present to you today a handful of the best bags about right now to carry you through Autumn.

This stylish tote by Givenchy is the menswear answer to its sister bag, the Antigona? tote, ask your girlfriend.Maybe this isn?t the every bag, however if your after just adding to your already impressive bag collection the ?Lucrezia? definitely gives a lot of personality and can liven up any drab suit. The polka dot definitely give this bag a the extra edge and is guaranteed to turn some heads on the tube.

At a completely opposite side of the price spectrum, nonetheless, still looking every bit as stylish, we have ZARA?s office back pack. This leather look back pack looks slick and manages to find the perfect balance between formal and cool.

On the topic of back packs. Differentiating itself from the office back pack Paul Smith have of course made sure the bag has a lot more sustainability by being ?crafted from black cotton-blend twill with leather trims?. Creating a sleek finish.

If your a bit of a maverick and don?t want to conform to your traditional tote. Then you should Tote-ally (sorry) go for this Fendi Bug bag, designed by, of course, Karl Largafeild.


Teal may not be your first point of call when looking for a new bag however the colour adds a bit more personality and POW to your everyday wear. Surprisingly Teal compliments more colours then you would of initially thought, with the crocodile effect creating a masculine edge, well done ASOS.


Its common knowledge most women love a Mulberry bag, and finally, with this geometric camo print, us guys can finally jump on the band wagon too. This Canvas bag is ideal for the everyday. Allowing a lot of extra space for papers books and whatever other things you have crammed into your bag. The combination of blues and navy, with a sharp silhouette allow you to look smart and on trend in the process.


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