Italian luxury fashion and Grooming house ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA must know something we don?t about Summer 2017, because if they are to be believed we are in for a hot spicy season, with the introduction of their new ESSENZE SPICE collection. Indulge in the rich aromatics from three handcrafted, signature scents inspired by spice, vanilla and saffron. Crafted from prestigious spices, the Essenze Spice Collection is the perfect blend of complexity and finesse to balance mystery, strength and magnetism. The Zegna man whose sophistication, confidence and freshness make him a pillar of modern style.

The first of the trio is BOURBON VANILLA ? Like your favourite nightcap, the warm, familiar aroma of Vanilla bean mixes with bold vetiver and ginger to create a full-bodied cocktail of temptation. Middle notes of Cassis, Cypriol and Turkish Rose add an alluring freshness to match the modernity of the Zegna man.

Next we have, INDIAN SPICE ? Cardamom, coriander and star anise top notes create electrifying warmth in this unique gourmand blend, bringing to life the exoticism of Madurai and the beaches of Goa. The floral heart of the fragrance, resting on the masculine, woody base of cedarwood, oud and patchouli take your senses to new places of savory adventure.

Finally, let me introduce PERSIAN SAFFRON Dynastic, powerful, effervescent ? let this piquant scent surround and consume you. Top notes of Zegna?s cultivated bergamot blend middle notes of the most valuable spice in the world, Saffron, to illuminate the senses.

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