WWE Spoiler: The Undertaker & Kane’s Survivor Series Match Is…

It is not the match that most people anticipated.

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The Undertaker and Kane will team up against two of the four members of The Wyatt Family at Survivor Series on November 22nd.

Taker & Kane vs two unnamed Wyatts (to be chosen by Bray) was announced at Tuesday?s Smackdown taping in Manchester, England.

At the start of the taping, The Wyatt Family made their entrance. There were brief promos from Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman talking about how they will destroy everybody in front of them.

Wyatt said that even though The Deadman has risen and The Demon has come back, they will never be the same. There were apparently a lot of chants in support of The Undertaker. Wyatt issued a challenge for Survivor Series with the Brothers of Destruction taking on two members of the Wyatt Family of Wyatt?s choosing. Wyatt ended the promo saying that in 25 years people will be celebrating the day that Bray buried the Deadman and Demon forever.

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If Wyatt is choosing the competitors, it will probably be him and Strowman since WWE wants Strowman to be a big star. However, WWE may want Undertaker and Kane to win, so in that case they may opt for Harper so that Strowman isn?t put in a losing situation.

There were rumours that the match would be a 4 on 2 situation with all four Wyatt Family members against the Brothers of Destruction, but that wouldn?t be fair. Some people thought that maybe WWE would find two faces to team with the Brothers of Destruction but nobody on the current roster really fits.

With this match becoming a regular tag team match, it?s possible that there may not be a traditional Survivor Series elimination match on the card.

Thanks to prowrestling.net for the information.

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