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Well it?s been a busy time over the summer for our pet-friends ? so much so that I had to miss August?s post, sorry about that!

Kate over at Family Fever is looking at dog-friendly holidays and what to look for to choose the perfect one.

But it?s not always possible to take your pooch with you, so I?ve been looking at the alternatives for holiday care while you?re away on holiday. Whether it?s kennels or dog sitters ? or perhaps something else ? here?s how to find the right solution.

The holidays has meant spending more time than ever with my pet and it?s been funny watching her routine (mainly sleeping!) Lucy from Lish Concepts has done what I?ve always wanted to do, and secretly filmed her dog to see what he really gets up to when she?s out.  Ruth from Rock N Roller Baby has done similar with her super-cute kittens.  They?re adorably playful and so fun to watch!

Sarah from Mum Of Three World had some sad news over the summer with the loss of one of their guinea pigs. This meant a grieving lonely guinea pig left alone, so she also has this really informative post of how to deal with the remaining guinea pig ? who knew they suffered so?

Another bereavement over the summer as poor Emma from Farmer?s Wife lost her beloved Minty the lamb (great name!). It?s funny how people don?t get how attached you can become to pets (of any persuasion) unless they?re a pet owner themselves.  There?s a perceived hierarchy of pets when it comes to loss, but I know that isn?t true and I have never got over the loss of my amazing chicken Barbara.

I do hope all your pets are safe and well and look forward to hearing all about them. Please do send me your posts to be included next time.  You can tweet me @missielizzieb.  Thanks for reading.

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