Harry?s ? the name to know when it comes to shaving

New grooming concept, Harrys, likes to think of itself as making the chore of shaving that little bit easier, generally, or as the co-founders ANDY KATZ-MAYFIELD and JEFF RAIDER(above) put it, ?We started Harry?s because we wanted to make shaving better ? for ourselves and guys everywhere.?

Andy and Jeff both native Bostonians met whilst at a summer internship with, international management consulting brand, Bain & Company. A number of years later whilst on a business trip in Los Angeles, Andy had a bad store experience. He found himself struggling to shop from a locked case of shave supplies, then found himself overpaying for them at the checkout counter. His frustration prompted a to call Jeff ?and thus, Harry?s was born.

Today, Andy oversees Harry?s global business operations, focusing on growing and scaling the team, distribution, supply chain, manufacturing and research and development and Jeff oversees Harry?s marketing, technology, customer experience, retail functions and everything else that directly impacts Harry?s customers on day-to- day basis.

From the get go, Harry?s razor blades have been engineered in Germany in partnership with an almost one hundred year old company comprised of extremely talented craftsmen who have been manufacturing some of the world?s finest blades for almost a century. They had such a great relationship with the factory that when Harry?s turned one year old, they completed a truly transformative transaction by acquiring the factory. As a result of the acquisition, they are now one of the only vertically integrated shaving brands in the world, owning and controlling the value chain from manufacturing to point of sale to fulfillment and customer experience. Since the two companies merged, they will double the capacity of the factory by 2018, and invest over 100 million euros into the local community.

Now Harry?s also over shave plans and their trail set for new customers., but they are not exclusively a shave plan business and customers can also make one off purchases from the site if that works better for them.

Harry?s Shave Plans offer a seamless way for their customers to order their shave supplies based on their individual grooming needs. The brand tailor delivery frequency based on how often you shave and deliver the products direct to their customers home, allowing the plans to be changed or cancelled at anytime.

Customers can sign up to receive the Trial Set for only £2.95, which includes the Truman handle, a set of blades and foaming shave gel. Following the trial they will be automatically enrolled in a subscription plan which they can modify or cancel ahead of their first payment.