Gardening Round-up: Is your garden summer ready?

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We have had a fair bit of warm weather over the past month, I can tell because the garden has gone crazy!

The grass is needing mowing much more frequently, and the weeds grow before my very eyes, our tomato and chilli plants are growing nicely, although the beans and peas are struggling with the slugs and snails. In this weather I struggle to know exactly how much water to give the garden and the plants, not wanting to drown them, but also not leaving them too thirsty, so if you are like me, then check out Growing Family?s post on effective summer garden watering.

With the summer holidays nearly upon us, you may think that you won?t have enough time to keep up with the garden, so check out these 7 quick gardening jobs, that will take less than 10 minutes, so we can all find that amount of time to keep the garden looking it?s best, even better, involve the children, check out Inspire, Create Educate?s post on Easy gardening activities for children.

If you are looking for inspiration for your garden, then check out Renovation Bay-Bee for a garden transformation, you may find further ideas, from the blog hop, or Frugal Family?s garden makeover ideas

If, like me , you have a problem with garden pests and things that destroy your plants (other than chickens, which are not great for keeping flowers healthy!!) then this post on tips for controlling plant disease may help you out.

As we head into July, you might want to check out this post from Growing Family, that tells you all of the things you should have completed in June, so if there is anything on the list, that you haven?t done, now?s the time to do it. If you only have a small garden, do not worry as Emma Reed tells you how to make the most of your small garden.

Before the school holidays begin, we are looking to purchase some new garden furniture as we have had ours so long, its falling apart, so this post on Garden Furniture from A Few Favourite things may come in handy.

Last month a mummy robin had decided to nest in Asa?s shed, so it was off limits for a couple of weeks, I am happy to report the new baby robins have now left the nest meaning we can use the tools that are stored in the shed once again! This week, as we were cutting back the very overgrown bushes, we noticed that a pigeon had nested on the very end, right next to the patio steps, so every time we go up the steps we are stared at by some very fluffy (but very large) baby pigeons, if you have birds nesting in your garden, then, like me, you will probably feel compelled to provide them with food, if so, then check out Me and B Makes Tea post on Bird Feeding.

If you have a gardening post, you would like including in next month?s round-up, tweet me at @hexmumplus1 or email [email protected]

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