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The big day is here! Merry Christmas everyone, and maybe you are enjoying a tasty turkey today?

Well if you don?t manage to finish it all, we asked BritMums bloggers for their best turkey leftover recipes to give you some inspo for a dish tomorrow! Have a look through the suggestions below for some new ideas.

Turkey, cranberry & Stilton Christmas brunch muffins ? Fuss Free Flavours

Turkey, chestnut & cranberry pie ? The Purple Pumpkin Blog

A Russian special, Salad Olivier ? Chez Maximka

Vietnamese spring roll with turkey & cranberry ? Franglais Kitchen

Slow cooker Christmas dinner pie filling ? Munchies & Munchkins

Turkey & cranberry wreath ? JuggleMum

Boxing day leftover pasties ? A Residence Blog

Turkey curry ? A Mother?s Ramblings

Turkey, bacon & leek pie ? Fab Food 4 All

Turkey & bacon risotto ? All you need is love and cake

Boxing day soup ? The Crazy Kitchen

Turkey meatballs & spaghetti ? In The Playroom

Hot coronation turkey ? JibberJabberUK

?Or if none of those grabbed you, here?s ten more suggestions for turkey leftovers from The Diary of A Frugal Family!

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