10 Craziest Harry Potter Fan Theories

Warner Bros.

It might be six long years since the release of the last Harry Potter film and nigh on a decade since J.K. Rowling penned her last Harry Potter book, but that doesn?t mean that fans worldwide aren?t as obsessed as they?ve always been about the boy wizard and his friends (and enemies).

Some Potterheads are so dedicated they?re willing to spend hours, days and perhaps even months over-analysing every page and scene to come up with madcap theories to explain supposed gaps and potential messages hidden deep within Harry Potter lore.

Anyone who has dipped their toe into the weird and wonderful world of fan theories will tell you it can be a wild and wacky ride, with zealot fanatics coming up with everything from reasonably plausible presumptions to PHD-level hypotheses as insane as they are detailed.

These Harry Potter theories fall into the latter category, so brace yourself for some crazy sh*t ? metaphorical chess games, Mary Poppins and incest included.

Read on for the 10 Craziest Fan Theories About Harry Potter…

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